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I qualified in systematic kinesiology in 2003 having trained with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in London.  I continue my postgraduate studies by regularly taking part in seminars in functional bio-chemistry, quantum touch, energy medicine, emotional freedom technique, etc.

My first experience of kinesiology was many years ago when my daughter was very ill with M.E.  We had tried so many different approaches – both orthodox and complementary – but nothing helped us as much as kinesiology.  I was so impressed, I decided to have a complete career change and retrain as a kinesiologist.  It has been one of the best decisions of my life!

I now work with both adults and children and for many years co-ran the Clifton Children’s Clinic in Bristol.

I have given lectures and presentations on kinesiology at many locations including schools and hospitals, and have led conferences at the Norland Nanny College in Bath.

My approach to my work is very open minded as I believe there are many ways to address a symptom.  What I love most about kinesiology is that it allows the body to speak for itself and to reveal what is required and a good kinesiologist  will use the language of kinesiology to listen to the body.

My passion for kinesiology has made me an enthusiastic teacher and for many years I have taught foundation courses on behalf of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.

I now carry out all my treatments and teaching from a light and spacious consulting room  in my home in Nunney.

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