Kinesiology Treatments in Frome

What happens during a consultation?

Rosie Dowbekin muscle testing

During the first session, a detailed case history concerning your health and lifestyle will be taken.  You then lie fully clothed on the couch and a series of muscle tests will be performed on your arms and legs to assess neurological function and energy balance of the muscles and their related glands and organs.

During the Kinesiology treatments in Frome, we are likely to spend most of the time gathering information and you will learn a great deal about your body. 

Three sessions is usually recommended, but this really depends on what the problem is and how long you have had it.

Many people have regular kinesiology sessions every three or four months as a preventative measure to keep in the best possible health.  

Fee Structure

  • Initial consultation and treatment – £160  (inc. follow-up email with full report)
  • Subsequent treatments – £85
  • Nutritional supplements are a vital part of the treatment and are charged separately.  (Some can be obtained from me, but mostly you order these directly from the suppliers.) 

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations with over 24 hours notice will incur no charge.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged at full price. 

Your Health

Systematic Kinesiology is not intended to replace other medical advice but to work alongside it.  Please continue to communicate with your GP or specialist and keep them informed of any developments.

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