Testimonials for Rosie Dowbekin

“Having had M.E. for years and then a difficult move south, my experience of Systematic Kinesiology with Rosie Dowbekin has changed my life.  She is a brilliant, sensitive and professional practitioner and her diagnosis of cause, her treatment and her suggestions for self-help, have enabled me to go from strength to strength!”
– Susan Sale

“I have been treated by Rosie since being diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months ago.  Her wonderful treatment enabled me to manage the effects of chemotherapy and to return to health quickly. Crucially, Rosie’s treatment helped identify and correct the hormonal imbalances that contributed to the cause of my cancer and I am now able to look forward with confidence. Kinesiolgoy is now helping other members of my family and I am greatly indebted to Rosie for her time and care.”
– Caroline Webb

“Rosie’s vast knowledge, her enormous enthusiasm and great compassion are a powerful force!  She expertly identified the causes of my long-term digestive problems and has quite simply changed my life.”
– Rachel North

“I have been so lucky in finding Rosie Dowbekin.  She has helped me tremendously over the past three years with kinesiology, diet and supplements.  She managed to get to the root of my problems very quickly and I am delighted to have lost two stone and regained my energy.  Kinesiology is such a helpful tool as it cuts out the guesswork.  Rosie is an excellent health practitioner and a lovely person.  I am so grateful to her.”
 – Veronica Lee, Lic Ac.

“Over the last year I have had the opportunity to be treated by Rosie and to watch her treating my daughter.  My own illness was several large blood clots in my lungs that probably came close to being fatal and left me breathless and exhausted.  The NHS treatment was excellent but the doctors could not offer any insight into why the clots had formed originally.  My daughter was suffering from a mystery condition that the NHS decided was CFS and recommended energy management.

Rosie Dowbekin uses kinesiology as a diagnostic method and combines this with a deep knowledge of human physiological and psychological systems.  In addition, she has a delightful manner that infuses her consultations with an atmosphere of healing and positivity.  This three-pronged approach enables her to disentangle the often complex causes of ill health and offer treatments that are appropriate.

In contrast to many forms of conventional medical consultation, Rosie’s methods empower her patients by giving them an understanding of the causes of their maladies and the motivation to improve the areas of their lives that are out of balance.  My daughter’s recovery has been remarkable and in the space of a year she has gone from being barely able to climb up or down the stairs and missing a large part of the school year, to completing her GCSE’s and being physically very active riding her horse.  My own fitness and stamina are better than they have been for several years and I am convinced that Rosie’s treatment have played a significant part in the improvement that both of us have experienced.”
– Tim Cutting

“Thank you is a totally inadequate word to express the profound gratitude and appreciation I feel for having my health and energy restored after almost ten years of trying everything complementary and orthodox medicine could offer.  I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am; I owe it all to you – you are brilliant!”
– Phillipa Stout

“In the 18 months I have known Rosie, she has transformed the life of all five of us – my husband and I and our three children (whom she has utterly charmed).  Her sessions are both relaxing and invigorating, searching and deeply supportive.  In addition to the transformational work that Rosie does, she has also guided us gently through changes in diet and the judicious use of carefully chosen supplements to help us all redress imbalances.  What I love about seeing Rosie is that she can go wherever you need her to go, and she moves freely between the physical, the biochemical and the energetic, drawing on a vast and awe-inspiring tool box of experience and knowledge.  We always leave feeling uplifted, understood and empowered – not to mention just plain better!”
– Honor Joliffe

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